Samsung plans on investing more money this year on mobile phone software

February 26th, 2010 - 11:50 pm by Wajiha H.
Now we have to admit that Samsung has been releasing handsets almost consistently since the last year. They just seem to have the hand of it almost always. 2010 saw Samsung's resolves of releasing a new smartphone platform clear after it was said that the company invested 130 billion Won (approximately $112 million) in mobile software. They unveiled the Bada powered Samsung Wave during MWC, and after that Samsung CEO Choi Jee-sung has mentioned that they plan making Bada a clear contender in the smartphone operating system market this year.
Samsung Bada
For this they say that they would not hesitate to spend more money than it has already been spent. They are thinking of launching smartphones that cater to all sorts of price ranges, all at the same time. Of course since the entry level sets are always the most sought after, they plan to do a lot more on that front. Nokia currently is unbeatable; clearly Samsung will have to do something more than incredible to beat that sort of market.

Nokia we’ve heard is also going to release Symbian-based smartphones this year, so it could give Samsung a tough competition. Samsung is definitely taking a gamble as there is not even a single Bada phone to do the demonstration. Let’s hope that though less-travelled, the road is not bumpy.