Nokia N97 gets a new firmware update!

February 7th, 2010 - 08:12 pm by Wajiha H.
Nokia N97 will never get tired of its updates; every other week, a new update surfaces. But good for them, everybody likes firmware updates even if the update has nothing significant to offer in itself. Similarly even in this firmware that is the 21.0.045 version, the only mentionable thing that has really improved is the kinetic scrolling, which should be smoother now. Kinetic scrolling is something that the N97 got equipped with very recently but it wasn’t as smooth as people were expecting it to be. So a firmware update was long due.
The new version that is the 21.0.045, shows a lot of promise as far as fixing this is concerned and that too for good. Also it is going to take care of some other things including the web browser and the music player. People are expecting that call reliability, image and video stability shall also be improved to a great deal with this firmware update.

You can try it right now by just connecting your N97 to a computer and starting the Nokia Software Updater application. The new 21.0.045 firmware version isn't available over-the-air just yet. We do think that the improved kinetic scrolling will please a lot of consumers.