Nokia had a ball in Q4!

February 3rd, 2010 - 09:47 pm by Wajiha H.
We all know that last year was too tough on the biggest mobile manufacturer, Nokia. Sales were particularly not that good in the first three quarters and no matter what they did, they kept losing. But this was not true of the holiday season as far was the sales are concerned, as the company ended the year with a net profit of good 882 million euro! Now keeping in point that 2009 was virtually hit by a mild global financial and economy crisis, this is really something to rejoice for the company.
So all is seemingly well for the world's largest mobile manufacturer as they managed to ship 126.9 million devices in Q4 2009, which is 12% better than Q4 of 2008 and 17% better than Q3 of 2009. All of this resulted in a total income of 12 billion euro (which is a 5.3% decrease Year-on-Year and 22.2% increase Quarter-on-Quarter).

This year the company estimates that its market share will be around 39%, which is definitely better than both the 37% in Q4 2008 and the 38% in Q3 2009. The main problem last year was apparently the Nokia-Siemens Networks division as it was because of its constant failure that the company suffered a lot of loss. This division ended the year with more than 1.6 billion euro operating loss.

Also a little scoop on the availability of the new Ovi Maps version for the Nokia N97, which comes with free voice-guided navigation! People are touting it to be the most significant update that the company has released so far. So if you happen to own a Nokia N97 owner, you can get your very own update by visiting the Ovi Maps official website.

Of course you can learn more about the Nokia Q4 financial report here.