HTC HD2: Initial pictures surface!

February 9th, 2010 - 08:47 pm by Wajiha H.
We have kept you much aware of the Snapdragon-powered HTC HD2 getting an extended battery. Well rumours are that it has already happened which has almost doubled its capacity, of course bringing a lot of attention that we knew it would get. But to remove any uncertainty we must mention that the battery status has to be preordered. The great thing however is that the pictures of this supposedly upgraded handset are available now on the internet everywhere almost.
HTC has not actually done it for the first time, this whole rolling out an extended battery for some of their smartphones. There is a difference though; the HTC Touch Diamond gets to have only a few more mAh extra, whereas the HD2 enjoys a battery with nearly doubled the capacity. This is something really awesome for the handset really.

Now there have been certain battery tests that have been conducted on this battery and it seems that the standard battery is capable of achieving a lot. Now of course you can well imagine that a battery with almost double the capacity will be able to do wonders! The big fat battery also has a foldable kickstand with it, so we can say that it’s really something awesome.

Th size is a definite drawback though as it is so bulky that the normal HTC HD2 will start looking like a hunchback. You can get an extended battery for yourself by preordering for a good 47 euro (64 US dollars). The deal is definitely not bad by any angle!