Free Ovi Maps: 1.4 million downloads this week!!

February 8th, 2010 - 09:40 pm by Wajiha H.
Ok this is one dream come true for most people. Ovi maps and that too free! Now who in their right mind would not want to avail that? The latest version of Ovi Maps was just launched a week ago or so and after only a week, it has already hit 1.4 million downloads! Unbelievable stuff really. One great feature of this latest version of Ovi Maps is that it comes equipped with free walk and drive navigation, not many would want to miss a treat like that.
Ovi Maps
Sources tell us that even the company, Nokia was not expecting a response as eager as this. Nokia has only recently acquired NAVTEQ, the company which standing behind the Ovi Maps map data. Doing which makes lifetime licenses a possible dream now. It is also being expected that from next month onwards, Nokia will ship all of its GPS-enabled smartphones with the new Ovi Maps preinstalled. Local country maps, walk and drive navigation, access to Michelin travel guide and Lonely Planet; everything will be pre-installed.

Also Ovi Maps Racing has recently been released by Nokia which is a free location-based game. It functions by using actual data from the NAVTEQ maps, and enables you to create your racing track and then choose your car and commence playing. RedLynx have developed this amazing game, just requires Symbian^1 (S60 5th edition) and can be downloaded easily in Ovi Store. But do remember that it is only for a limited time period.

Nokia has just increased their smartphone market share from 35% to 40% last quarter and the free voice-guided navigation on their smartphones can now push this number even further up. But all we can do is wait and watch!