Samsung Galaxy Tab Android powered just like Galaxy S

June 10th, 2010 - 11:15 pm by Wajiha H.
Yes, no matter how much the traditionalists don’t even want to talk about it, Apple iPad has been a massive hit. People it seems are ready to embrace tablet-like gadgets and spend humongous amounts of cash for that purpose. iPad was not being thought of as a huge success when it first came into light. Almost everyone thought that it was just a big iPhone without any special purpose at all. The Samsung Galaxy S is a tablet on the lines of iPad in many ways and it seems that people will be willing to get a tab for half the price of the iPad.

But here’s the catch, it looks JUST like a Samsung Galaxy S handset only blown up! But our guess is that the cost will definitely be lesser than the ever expensive iPad. Also it will be having a 3.5mm headset; TouchWiz UI running on top of Android, all the other smartphone elements will be there on the high-powered Galaxy S as well. But the screen will be gigantic and so it will be interesting to see Samsung slightly optimize the TouchWiz interface to fully utilize it. Yes, tablets are here to stay it seems.