O2 UK gets Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus

June 1st, 2010 - 10:57 pm by Wajiha H.
We were hearing this for a long time now that the updated version of Palm Pre and Palm Pixi aka Plus will be available through O2 UK but now we know for sure. There is not much that has been upgraded as such, for the people who are awaiting this for a long time now. Minor changes have been made here and there but some of these changes do deserve a little attention if not much. Letís take a look at both the sets.
Letís start with the Palm Pre Plus; it is being said that storage is almost double now that is (16GB) and RAM is also double (512MB). There have been some little readjustments in the design as well; like instead of a trackball there is a trackpad whereas there have been some changes in the keyboard too although it hasnít been confirmed as yet. Although the Touchstone wireless charger is still being sold separately there is a native compatibility with it now.

As far as the other one that is the Palm Pixi Plus is concerned, the extra things that you will be getting are Wi-Fi connectivity, a magnanimous thing which wasnít there in the original set. There are not a lot of mentionable changes, or maybe no changes apart from this one in the set, but maybe it suffices!

Now the prices: Well the Palm Pre Plus, you can get anywhere from 99 GBP to free depending on the tariff you choose. Whereas Palm Pixi Plus is free on all Pay Monthly tariffs (with 18- and 24-month contracts, of course).