Versace Unique unveiled!

May 20th, 2010 - 10:19 pm by Wajiha H.
Versace, has only recently announced the launch of the first ever luxury touchscreen, Versace Unique. It also happens to be the very first full-featured multimedia creation and most of Versace’s top notch outlets will be keeping the beauty for sale, come early June 2010. Luxury phones are notorious for their compromise on features, but Versace has made it a point to combine luxury with all the latest mobile features a phone should be equipped with, and that is where this phone is a keeper!
Unique Purple
Versace Unique lives up to its name as it has been hand-assembled in France and some of the best quality material has been used in order to bring it up to the unbending standards all Versace products boast of. You have the face made up from high-tech ceramic or handmade lacquers. Handcrafted leather has been used for the back where the Medusa head has also been embossed. The crystal screen is supposed to be the largest single piece of the said material ever to have been produced for consumers.

Then the additional things that usually a luxury phone does not offer are 3G network, client e-mail, media player, full-powered 5-megapixel flash camera and netbook. According to Gian Giacomo Ferraris, Chief Executive Officer of Versace Group, “We are excited about Versace Unique. Our team has worked well with our partners at Modelabs to manufacture a very innovative product which perfectly blends luxury materials, craftsmanship and the advanced technologies of LG. As we move forward in the development of our business, we are particularly happy to be able to strengthen the offer of luxury accessories that complement our core fashion products in line with Versace`s DNA.”

The only thing that might be the reason for this phone not to be getting the kind of attention that it is capable of is its ridiculously high price which might not be liked very much by people.