Quarter 1 Report : Samsung

May 4th, 2010 - 10:50 pm by Wajiha H.
We have been covering some major mobile companies and their financial reports for the first quarter and now we have Samsung’s results in our hands. Samsung has been going pretty smoothly for the last couple of years and after seeing their result for this quarter it seems that they are all set to have a pretty nice time even this year! If you remember they had a pretty tremendous Q4 last year; and their opening this year is also fabulous as the Q1 results indicate.
The report suggests that the total handsets sales for the company this quarter has equaled 64.3 million units meaning a 40% increase when compared to last year's Q1. This brought the company additional revenue of around 7.66 billion US dollars which is an 8% sales increase Year-on-Year. The operating profit of nearly 1 billion US dollars marks a 1% decrease Year-on-Year but it is not that worrying.

Samsung project a market share to around 22%, which is better than the 20% in 2009. The company is sure to become the second largest mobile manufacturer pretty soon with this rate. Due to the overall economic recovery and the expected increase in the demand; it is being estimated that the company might be able to ship around 10% more handsets this year than last year.

They are going to be focusing on smartphones this year and are projecting 19% of the overall shipments to be consisted of smartphones as compared to the 16% of last year. Well according to Samsung, the most significant reason for their overall success is their strong product lineup (including an increasing number of touch phones, smartphones as well as China 3G models) and their emphasis on the emerging markets.