0.facebook.com unveiled! A dream come true!!

May 20th, 2010 - 11:50 pm by Wajiha H.
At last, the day we have all been waiting for! Facebook has just launched its new mobile friendly site, 0.facebook.com. What is so special about this site? Well this has specially been made for the 100 million users who are accessing Facebook from their mobiles; it loads fast and is absolutely free! What could be better than that! But a little explanation, the zero-charges facility is provided to only those customers who are utilizing the services of some specific operators.
Facebook zero
And then another catch, you cannot open images and click links to other websites free of charge; you still have to pay for these things. But you will not be kept in dark about these additional charges (if any) as you will be notified of them when youíre about to log out of Facebook. It loads fast as it as specifically been designed for mobile users of Facebook but that doesnít mean that it wonít have all the features that the traditional Facebook site for mobiles has.

The regular features like the ability to update your status, accessing the news feed, commenting on posts or "liking" them, replying to messages or writing new ones, leaving messages on the walls of your friends; everything can be done easily with the new 0.facebook.com. But to see the photos you still will have to part with some money!

And you donít have to write 0 everytime; even if you use zero.facebook.com instead of 0.facebook.com, it will work just fine!