What’s happening to the paint job of the 2 month old Nexus One?

April 5th, 2010 - 10:50 pm by Wajiha H.
Whenever we buy a mobile we really fall in love with its shape and yes, its looks! And we very much like it to retain its immaculate figure for all time. But of course nothing lasts forever, least of all the outer perfection as normal wear and tear starts taking a toll on these beauties. But no matter what it still is a bit too early for (only) the 2 month old HTC Nexus One as there has been reports that some users have already started facing problems with its paint job.
Nexus One
There is this one case where the owner states that the device is constantly placed in the neoprene case that comes packed with the phone, but even then there are some areas where the paint job on the phone is peeling off! This is an alarming situation really as with the amount of money that is spent on this phone a customer would naturally expect something more long lasting.

We don’t really know whether this a part of normal wear and tear or something else. But it really does prove something much more significant; even the best devices fall prey to the brutality of passing time.