Sony Ericsson emerge with a money-spinning first quarter; shocks the analysts

April 20th, 2010 - 09:59 pm by Wajiha H.
And we thought Sony Ericsson had gone away from our lives forever. But now it appears that the Swedish-Japanese giant still thrives; and quite successfully so, quite contrary to the market gurus. Their financial report for the first quarter proves that the onetime pioneer in mobile technology still hasn’t lost its magnetism. Whatever their winning tactic is, Sony Ericsson is back in the game and from the looks of it; they’re going to stay for good!
Sony Ericsson
The first quarter boasts a net profit of 21 million euro which is not something to be take pride in but we must compare it with the 128 million euro loss that some market experts were predicting for Sony Ericsson. They have the charm and they have the technology with which Sony Ericsson can venture into the more exclusive (expensive) market. It has been noted that their Average selling price has gone up to 134 euro (181 US dollars), from last year’s 120 euro (162 dollars). But it is not becoming of Sony Ericsson to desert affordable phones completely; the fact is evident by their announcement of Sony Ericsson Zylo and Spiro.

The company has sold at least 4 million sets more when compared to last year but have lost a percent of their global mobile phones sales share (4%, down from 5%). But even with the loss in the overall share, the profit depicts that the company is very much back on track.

Sony Ericsson is not completely off the hook. They still have a long road ahead, before all the restructuring can be called a success. They are well on their way to rule the mobile world again, but this can only be done through consistency which can only be proved when the Q2 report arrives.


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