Samsung to release cheaper bada-based handsets soon!

April 6th, 2010 - 10:53 pm by Wajiha H.
We all want to use Samsungís new Bada platform. Yes, we do and Samsung Wave S8500 is about to hit the shelves soon! But this handset comes with a price tag, a big one. So those of us who cannot afford a set like have been left in the middle of nowhere. Well there is good news for them; Samsung has announced that it will be coming up with some cheaper sets based on BADA too! Samsung revealed this plan at an event in Russia recently.
Samsung Bada
The price range of these newly announced handsets is expected to be in the range of $340 - $685, due to which we can safely assume that the Wave will still be the most expensive member of the new family. A slide shows four cell phones, two of them with QWERTY keyboards, although we still arenít sure whether the real devices will be like this or not. We donít know yet about the exact prices and availability dates of these phones though.

Bada impresses people so yes, they would definitely appreciate the idea of having more affordable phones with Bada! Stay tuned, weíll keep you posted on whatever thatís been happening on this front.