Motorola BACKFLIP to be available in Germany!

April 4th, 2010 - 11:49 pm by Wajiha H.
Motorola BACKFLIP is an Android smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard but in a form which is not very common in many Android phones; i.e. the QWERTY keyboard flips backward. Now we know that it should be available in Germany ( and any day now at a retail price of 439 and 499 euro respectively! You can get it from Amazon by preordering it although we are hearing that it should be in stock too and that too pretty soon.
Motorola Backflip
There is one thing that is not very tempting about this set though; it is still using the Android 1.5 for now although they’re using MOTO BLUR UI in it. The money you are paying for this beauty is a lot and you do have better options at this rate in the market. Some examples include HTC Legend (433 euro) or HTC Desire (480 euro).

If you really love QWERTY keyboards and you wouldn’t mind a slight change, you must check out our recent Motorola BACKFLIP review. The phone is an absolute beauty but with a difference.