MeeGo builds now available on Nokia N900

April 4th, 2010 - 11:49 pm by Wajiha H.
So the long awaited fusion of Moblin and Maemo is at last complete. According to the rumours there are three MeeGo test images ready for downloading - one for the Nokia N900, one for Atom-based netbooks and one for Moorestown Atom handsets (think LG GW990). Before we raise a lot of hopes we must tell you that this is only for testing purposes and for geeks who’d love to have an insight. We still don’t have the top layer though which will eventually put all this to work on a variety of devices.
These devices would naturally be phones and MIDs, but car computers and connected TVs can also be included in this category. We don’t know much about the future but for now at least these three images can be booted off a USB stick or flashed to a device from a Linux computer and they boot into the terminal, so no graphical UI just yet.

We will post a timeline pretty soon which will detail when certain components will be finished. It is expected though that the first release of MeeGo will be somewhere in May, when hopefully the graphical user interface will be up and running too.