HTC unveils 1080p video recording, 5.1 audio and a tablet!

April 22nd, 2010 - 01:58 pm by Wajiha H.
HTC , the seemingly small Taiwanese company which has come a long way, held a press conference in South Africa a few days back or so, they announced their next year’s plans in that conference and from the look of it, this next year will see the likes of a hi-fi AV, fast Internet and a tablet! Yes a much action-packed year, to be exact. But we still haven’t heard anything on the in-house OS though which they were going to come up with.
It was mentioned in the conference that the tablet’s OS will probably be Android. One thing that this company has not yet produced is a handset that can record HD video, though we heard initially that the HTC Desire would record 720p video, but that was but a rumour. Now HTC have announced that they might be introducing phones capable of shooting 1080p video by the mid of next year.

Now we have heard everything on this matter, but still we cannot be sure
whether the purportedly Android tablet will be a Tablet or not! So yes, this is a little more complicated than you might have been expecting. Now we at least know this much that Android will be the OS regardless of whether it is a Tablet or not. We also have hints that the phone which we are not yet sure of might have cellular connectivity too; at least for data if not voice calls.

Some experts are also of the view that this new phone could be a follow-up to the HTC Advantage X7510, which will probably get HTC back into the smartbook market? There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding this tablet due to which there will be some wait! But this could very well be a Full HD recording phone that we are talking about, so yes, we will wait!