Recent Palm Pixi price cuts; will they affect Palm?

March 7th, 2010 - 11:51 pm by Wajiha H.
Just as Sprint promised sometime back, it reduced the Palm Pixi’s original price by half! Now in today’s day and age; this is a phenomenal cut; no matter how you look at it. now this was not the only cut in the set’s price; as before this one even Verizon reduced the price of its Palm Pixi Plus smartphone to $79.99 and that too with some major improvements. CL King analyst, Lawrence Harris, said that “Inevitably this will hurt Palm's profits. If it's not in the February quarter, it'll be in May.”
Palm pixi
Now BMO Capital Markets analyst Tim Long has recently raised a question about Palm's outlook in the coming months as wireless providers appear to already have problems getting rid of Palm inventory. Palm said that all of this happened because Verizon did not properly advertise the set. To prove their point, Palm has already launched a new campaign known as Project JumpStart to aid Verizon employees in sales of its products.

Analysts are of the opinion that maybe Palm should come up with some new mobiles instead of relying over just the old ones. We should also have newer phones with bigger keyboards and screens and the ones offered in Palm and Pixi are too small.