Novarra bought by Nokia

March 29th, 2010 - 09:10 pm by Wajiha H.
Novarra, a privately held mobile browser company was recently bought by Nokia so that Web surfing on a wide range of its low-end and mid-range phones can be improved. Nokia has plans to use this browser to support the Series 40 platform and offer a new Internet service later this year. Handsets have long been used by people to access the Internet, but it was the advent of iPhone which brought mobile Web browsing to the mainstream.
Nokia buys Novarra
"Connecting the next billion consumers to the Internet will happen primarily on mobile devices," said Niklas Savander, the head of Nokia's services business. iPhone’s browsing capabilities are immense, that’s for sure and now top handset makers have been trying to come up with a software that would match the iPhone!

Some browser companies like Opera offer technology that uses data compression due to which Opera Mini has been very well-received by and large. They are also selling browsers to operators to gain access to global distribution.

Nokia has not really disclosed the terms of the deal with Novarra as yet but it will be common knowledge soon enough.