Motorola MILESTONE to get Android 2.1 Over-The-Air

March 29th, 2010 - 04:17 pm by Wajiha H.
Not many have heard that Androidís latest version 2.1 can be obtained Over-The-Air too! If you own a Motorola Milestone, you can get it done right now! And this is only a week after Motorola has gotten the Android 2.1 upgrade. Now you donít need any computers or wires for the new upgrade! Isnít this just awesome?! The beauty of this upgrade is that it supports live wallpapers and 9 homescreen panels.
Motorola Milestone
Then there are some new apps (including Motorola's own camera application, Facebook app and Quickoffice), as well as the Motorola Car Home interface for in-car usage of the device. Then of course the best thing that you get out of this is perhaps the overall better performance of the Milestone itself.

The download of Android 2.1 update Over-The-Air doesnít take more than a few minutes according to some of those who have tried, you then just have to restart the phone and viola! It is still not available all over the world but you can be sure of one fact that OTA will make things a lot more convenient.

Of course if you donít have OTA in your country or you prefer to go through the normal manual procedure, you can go to their official website to get it done!