BlackBerry Super App to uplift the Blackberry UI?

March 8th, 2010 - 09:48 pm by Wajiha H.
The native home screen User Interface on BlackBerry smartphones has lost its touch unfortunately. Compared to some of the more eye catching visuals featured on other platforms, blackberry user interface now looks quite old-fashioned. We are not very sure about whether or not this is true but from what we have heard, the BlackBerry Super App is now aiming to uplift the usual ordinary looking interface to something more interesting now.
BlackBerry Super App seems to be some kind of home screen that will be showing some useful information on your home screen which will really be a far cry from what we are accustomed to these days. Now we are talking on the basis of a sole screenshot, which is why we canít verify if itís actually a BlackBerry application or not. But from all we know it does signal the dawn of some nice looking applications out of RIM.

RIM has recently held a webinar to show developers the potentials of the BlackBerry Super App, and now they will also have to verify that the tools used in the creation of it will be easily made available to them. If they can somehow make it work, the future Blackberry platform might become the envy of everyone in the market!