Windows Mobile 7 phone and an Android 2.1 device to be offered by LG?!

January 17th, 2010 - 10:53 pm by Wajiha H.
This rumour has long been roaming around now that the Korean manufacturer LG is aiming at coming up with a Windows Mobile 7 phone together with an Android 2.1 handset in the year 2010. The company has actually left us with no hints about when these are exactly going to be released but some experts are touting it to be somewhere in the middle to the end of 2010. That would definitely beat the current expectations of an OS to be launched in 2010 by the company.
This news was initially spread by some tweets via twitter according to which LG will release a Windows Mobile 7 phone in September and an Android 2.1 phone in April. Also the phone will initially be launched in the USA to be followed by Europe later. Of course we all would like to see the new phone with Windows Mobile 7 at the MWC next month but we’re not sure as to whether or not that’s happening.

Definitely there are some who doubt this but nonetheless we are sure that the company will show off their new phone somehow at some platform. They just have to, and they can’t definitely let this opportunity slip away when they’ll have the maximum number of people watching their new creation.


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