Pressure-sensitive touchscreens anyone?!

January 31st, 2010 - 11:48 pm by Wajiha H.
Touch screens are all the rage these days. We all would prefer a touchscreen device any time as opposed to a non touch one. They are here to stay, no doubt about that but manufacturers are currently trying to come out with better versions for richer user experience. The area lately grabbing their attention is the screen itself and the way it responds to our touches. Many researches have concluded that resistive screens have often been found out to be more accurate than the capacitative ones.
But we are not talking about these, today our focus is on pressure-sensitive touch screens will definitely distinguish between a slight touch and a really hard poke. This technology is based on quantum tunneling and has been developed by the Peratech researchers (stationed in UK). What will happen is that Peratech will manufacture pressure sensors from a material, which are incredibly thin and can be slipped under any touchscreens. When your phone is idle they won’t draw any power, which makes your battery worry go down the drain too.

Now you will be able to drag and zoom pictures at the same time and will be also be able to control the scroll speed based on your pressure force. A license contract has already been signed by Peratech with the Japanese display manufacturer Nissha, which makes screens for LG, Nintendo and more. But we have to wait until April at least before it hits the shelves.