Nokia’s Smartphones to be provided with a free voice-guided navigation

January 26th, 2010 - 11:46 pm by Wajiha H.
Yes you read it right. It has recently been announced by the finnish company that they are going to provide all of their smartphones with a lifetime voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation through Ovi Maps and that too for free. You can get started by just downloading the free new 3.3 version of Ovi Maps from their website. There are a lot of things that are included in this new version like high-end walk and drive turn-by-turn voice navigation, absolutely free!
You can get yourself the luxury of Ovi Maps navigation in at least 74 countries and 46 languages, and you can also get traffic information for more than 10 of those which shows their actual worth. But this step by Nokia will obviously increase its handsets value in the market. Also the Ovi Maps is way better than Google's free Google Maps navigation as it does not need an internet connection all the time.

Apart from this, the application itself has been upgraded by the company. You can see some cool stuff on it too like the Lonely planet city guide and Michelin restaurant guide with many things for you to be attracted to. It’s more colourful, there is an events guide that lists all events happening within a 3km radius of your position and also gives you the little details on each one.

You just have to get your free Ovi Maps update and enjoy all the cool stuff that has been added on to it along with the voice navigation facility that you will get. Also if you own a Nokia you can do this by downloading it through the SW update utility.


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