LG Pop GD510 makes charging a sunny experience!

January 31st, 2010 - 11:47 pm by Wajiha H.
People are talking a lot about solar energy and its benefits these days, and we think they are right too more often than not. We have seen cars run on solar energy but solar energy to be used in any aspect of a mobile phone is something very new and unique. But it seems that it has some truth to it, the power of the sun can do wonders to a mobile phone especially when itís batter needs recharging! Wait but didnít we need electrical chargers for that? Where did the sun come in from?!
LG pop
The new LG Pop GD510 makes charging on the go a bit more convenient; and letís admit it what better than the use of natural resources like sun! The solar panel for the GD510 is now easily available for purchase. You will just have to charge it in the sun for 11 minutes and you will get yourself 3 minutes worth of talk time. Of course if you really want to recharge it, you will have to keep it in the sun for a longer time than that.

Now this makes phone charging a green friendly phenomenon. Though not been sold in the US yet, there are some German retailers who are selling it for 34.90 Euros (roughly $49). Not a very bad idea if future benefits are kept in mind.