HTC Magic ROM to have Sense UI

January 31st, 2010 - 11:52 pm by Wajiha H.
Since the last update hit the markets, the expectations of T-Mobile myTouch 3G owners have risen considerably and quite rightly so though too! The new update for the HTC Magic promises a sense UI, what could be better than that! This one was long awaited but the timing of this update could not be better than this. Now HTCís Sense UI comes along with the Magicís latest ROM release. Version 3.05.401.3 gives you that interface thatís been the real cause of HTC Hero worldwide.
But before you get too emotional about getting this latest update just because of the Sense UI, think again and with a light head. It could come with a lot of side effects and there could be some consequences that you are not quite ready to deal with. Also you should make it a appoint to save all the data before installing it as it will overwrite everything on the handset. Nobody wants to rebuild a phone so prevention is better than cure, more so here. Once you are through with the initial stuff, you will be able to enjoy what this awesome Sense UI has to offer.