Another 167M euro loss for Sony Ericsson; X10 the only hope

January 26th, 2010 - 11:48 pm by Wajiha H.
Sony Ericsson has yet suffered from a losing quarter at the end of 2009. They did sell at least half a million handsets more than they did in the Q4 of 2008; but still scored a loss of 167 million euro. The average selling price of the Sony Ericsson devices was increased to 120 euro during the holiday season. Similarly the number of units sold increased to 14.6 million. XPERIA X2 and XPERIA X10 hit the markets quite late or these numbers could’ve been different in a positive way that is.
Sony Ericsson
The company is also undergoing restructuring these days which actually caused another 150 million euro to go down the drain. Sony Ericsson is in trouble surely and it seems all they can hope for is for the X10 to turn the tables around.

If you look at the 2009 financial report of Sony Ericsson, it shows that only 57.1 million handsets were shipped for an average price of 119 euro which shows that the net loss for the period totals 836 million euro! They are in a pretty bad position right now and they cannot survive another year if things remain this way, unless something happens to improve the situation dramatically.

There are forecasts of an increase in units shipped in the global handset market in 2010, the company is hoping for X10, X2 and the Vivaz to sell well enough to save the company. We hope for some major release next month at the MWC so that the whole scenario is changed somehow.

For more numbers from the Sony Ericsson report follow this link.