Palm launches Ares and updates webOS to version 1.3.5

December 22nd, 2009 - 11:43 pm by Wajiha H.
The first news that we’ll start with is the launch of Ares, a powerful software development kit, by Palm, a company which has been in doldrum only recently. Now Ares is now available as a web-based application. It will basically enable the users to create applications for the webOS mobile operating system and its Pre and Pixi smartphones using a complicated yet accessible web interface. Palm has high hopes with the launch of Ares as it is going to bring new kinds of developers in the game.
Palm Logo

Another thing that Palm is coming up with it is the launching of webOS version 1.3.5, reports PC Mag. Now this version of webOS willenable users to store more applications, enhance WiFi, improve device and app performance, and extend battery life. Palm is also expanding its developer program, with the launch of Ares, as suggested above, which is a web-based webOS development kit.

These updates will be launched sometime very soon, as soon as early January next year.

You can read more about the launch of Ares here and the updation of webOS to 1.3.5 here